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Meet Dr. William Lichter

From Law School To Chiropractic

After a youth filled with athletic activities like hockey, baseball and basketball, William (Bill) Lichter found himself with lower back problems. “I was in law school and had these back problems that were interfering with my ability to focus on what I was doing. An orthopedist office took a couple of x-rays and told me nothing was wrong and suggested I take Tylenol.”

“Frustrated, I followed the recommendation of a friend and went to a chiropractor. After experiencing great success with chiropractic care, I made the decision to leave law school and enter New York Chiropractic College so I could help people do the things they need to
do or want to do.”


“Helping people do the things they need to do and the things they want to do, without drugs or surgery is rewarding. Practicing chiropractic and helping patients is my passion, and when I get some time from my busy schedule, I enjoy playing hockey, skiing, or relaxing at the beach.”

A Family Man

After practicing in New York, Dr. Lichter and his wife moved to Tampa in 1994 to enjoy the warmer weather and easier lifestyle.  Since then their family has grown to include two daughters and a black Lab. When not in practice he certainly knows how to make the most of life!

Let Me Help You

Dr. Lichter firmly believes that when it comes to neuromusculoskeletal conditions chiropractors are the obvious first stop. “I don’t think anyone does neck and back problems better than us. While we sometimes have to refer patients for surgery or pain management, we’re helping a vast majority of patients  avoid invasive procedures that could be a mistake that haunts them the rest of their lives.”

Dr. Lichter and Associates wants to be your information resource on health, nutrition and exercise by incorporating massage, physical therapy, nutrition and acupuncture to round out a holistic approach to natural care.


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