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Sciatica Treatment in Tampa

person with leg painSciatica is a common neuromuscular problem that can cause debilitating pain and discomfort. It typically occurs due to a herniated or bulging disc, which puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This condition manifests itself as pain that radiates down one or both legs. While it may lead to secondary issues like muscle spasms and leg cramps, it’s important to note that sciatica is not a muscle problem but rather a nerve issue.

Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms of sciatica include

  • Low back pain: Pain in the lower back region, often originating from the spine.
  • Pain that travels down the leg: True sciatica causes pain that extends past the knee and sometimes reaches all the way into the foot.
  • Tingling and numbness: Individuals with sciatica may experience tingling or numbness in the affected leg.
  • Leg weakness and cramping: In severe cases, sciatica can lead to leg weakness and cramping.
At Dr. Lichter and Associates, we take a comprehensive and personalized approach to help patients suffering from sciatica find relief. Our treatment plan consists of chiropractic adjustments and other complementary modalities designed to address the root cause of the problem.

Chiropractic adjustments form the backbone of our approach. We use a technique called Cox Flexion Distraction, which involves a specialized table that allows us to target specific spine segments with a combination of flexion and traction.

Through orthopedic and neurological examinations, along with imaging techniques such as X-rays and MRIs, we can identify the exact levels of the spine that are causing the issue. This precision allows us to provide tailored adjustments that alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, promoting healing and pain relief.

In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, we use several complementary modalities as part of our relief, rehabilitation, and maintenance program:

  • Ultrasound and cold therapy: These modalities help reduce inflammation and provide immediate pain relief.
  • Electric stimulation and neuromuscular therapy: Through the use of electric stimulation and soft tissue work, such as acupressure, stretching, and deep tissue massage, we aim to alleviate muscle tension and promote healing.
  • Spinal decompression: This FDA-cleared, non-surgical, traction-based therapy can alleviate back/sciatica pain.
  • Home care program: We provide each patient with a customized home care program that includes exercises and instructions on using hot or cold packs. This empowers patients to participate in their recovery process actively.
  • Acupuncture: In certain cases, acupuncture may be recommended to complement the overall treatment plan and provide additional pain relief.

Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Once we have achieved initial relief, we transition patients into the rehabilitative stage of care. This involves implementing active therapy, which includes rehabilitative exercises, balance work, and core stability exercises. The focus is on activating the small stabilizing muscles of the spine to promote long-term stability and reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Our goal is to provide lasting effects that help patients regain control over their well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is medication helpful?

While medications like muscle relaxants can provide temporary relief from the symptoms of sciatica, they do not address the underlying issue. Medications only mask the pain and do not provide a lasting solution.

If a patient doesn’t get relief from their pain, can you refer them to other healthcare providers?

While we often get excellent results for patients with sciatica, if a patient doesn’t achieve results through our care, we will refer them to pain management specialists for epidural steroid injections or nerve blocks. We always consider surgery as the last resort.

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