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Migraine Headache Treatment in Tampa

woman with headache with her hands on her headMost people who suffer from headaches and migraines believe that everyone experiences them. Unfortunately, they are not normal and should be evaluated and addressed. If you are a victim of this type of ongoing pain – all hope is not lost. Dr. Lichter and Associates offers natural headache and migraine treatments that not only to soothe your aching head but help to completely resolve them.

Our practice is here to help you feel better and stay better! Learn more about headaches and migraines as well as our approach to care.

What Are Headaches and Migraines?

Like most conditions, headaches have many causes. They often stem from muscle tension in the neck and shoulders that puts strain on the scalp and irritates the nerves in the neck. When they come on, pain is often felt in the head, above the eyes or the ears, behind the head, or in the back up the upper neck.

While migraines are similar to headaches, they are not simply bad headaches. Migraines are vascular events thought to be caused by nerve irritation in the upper part of the neck. They are set apart by a prodromal phase in which blood vessels constrict and lead to, early symptoms, such as nausea and visual disturbances. As blood vessels reflexively dilate, headaches typically follow and sensitivity to light and to sound typically accompany the headache. Rest assured, although headaches and migraines are not the same, they can both be helped.

Rule Out the Extremes

Headaches are usually caused by constant muscle tension. They typically occur due to tense muscles that are placing excess pressure on the nearby nerves. Repeated behaviors like staring at the computer, regularly bending over for work, and continually looking down at a cell phone are the most common causes of headaches.

Before helping you get rid of your headaches, it is important to rule out the extremes. Rarely, headaches are indicative of life-threating problems, including tumors and vascular bleeds and bloods clots. For this reason, neurological evaluations are the crucial first step in our intake process.

An Alternative to Drugs and Surgery

Here at Dr. Lichter and Associates, we stick with tried-and-true methods of care. We want to give you the best chance of improvement in the shortest time possible. When you arrive for your consultation, we will have you fill out a detailed questionnaire to get a clearer picture of your condition. If you are a good candidate for care, we will proceed with an individualized plan of action.

Our approach to care is multifaceted to ensure that you get the exact care you need. Many of our headache and migraine patients are able to achieve relief through some combination of massage therapy, exercise therapy, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, and gentle chiropractic techniques.

You Do Not Have to Suffer

Do you frequently experience headaches or migraines? There is no need to suffer any longer! We are here to provide you with our most effective chronic headache treatment. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your unique situation.

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