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Chiropractic for Headache Relief

The prevalence of headaches in the US is at an all-time high as over 80% of the population experiences headaches. Billions of dollars a year are being spent on headaches and migraines, yet it’s not one of the top 10 reasons people go to a doctor.

With 25 years of practice, I believe that headaches should be the number-one reason that people see a chiropractor for headache relief. Why? Chiropractic care can provide fast, effective, consistent headache relief.

Chiropractic Care v. Medications

In 2001, Duke University did a study comparing chiropractic care to the drug amitriptyline.

  • On a short-term basis, the two solutions were found to be equally as effective for relief.
  • On a long-term basis, 82% of people had adverse side effects to amitriptyline. Comparatively, the chiropractic group had fewer headaches even after they stopped care while the amitriptyline group returned to the same state as they did before the study.

People who constantly take medications for headaches can end up having headaches more frequently (rebound headaches).

Long-Lasting Results, Naturally

Migraines are a neurological condition that are often associated with visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting. Headaches often stem from muscle tension in shoulders that puts strain on your scalp irritate nerves in the neck.

While the two are not the same, they both can be helped through chiropractic care. We use a multi-faceted approach to ensure you get the exact care you need. Care may include: massage therapy, nutrition, supplements, exercise, chiropractic care, lifestyle instruction, sleep pattern and recommended stretching.

If you’re suffering from frequent headaches, we’d love to help you! Contact our office today and experience natural, lasting wellness. (813) 885-6001

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