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Why Medical Doctors Believe in Chiropractic

It’s a common misconception that medical doctors and chiropractors don’t get along. In fact, we get referrals both from primary care and medical specialists. Because we have established an excellent reputation in the local medical community, patients that are referred to us by MDs trust and respect me. When you’re endorsed by a doctor, you don’t get some of the objections or reservations that some patients have.

Chiropractic Offers Natural, Drug-free Care

We take a team approach to provide the best care for you.

I believe the reason we have a good relationship with MDs is because we provide an alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medications. Sometimes patients have medical conditions that don’t allow them to take medications.

My treatment plans are conservative and reasonable. You’ll only get the care I think you need — no more, no less. I also know when a medical referral is the right thing to do, and I realize my limitations.

While some other practices believe they can solve every problem, I don’t have the attitude that I can fix everything. When it comes to difficult cases, sometimes you need a team approach. That’s why I often partner with other medical specialists in the area like orthopedists, neurologists and some pain management doctors that can help provide my patients with the best outcomes possible.

Multiple Services under One Roof

We know you’re busy. That’s why we offer an array of affordable services under one roof for your convenience. I have a first class facility with a digital X-ray setup and spinal decompression. We also have a team of experienced massage therapists and a physical therapy department. Looking for relief from stress or pain? We also offer acupuncture.

Schedule an appointment today to discover why medical doctors frequently refer their patients to us! We are passionate about providing our patients with the quality care they can trust.

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