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Why a Chiropractor Can Address Your Sciatica Better Than a GP

girl with back painChiropractors and general physicians are both highly skilled doctors. However, these two practitioners are not the same. Let’s look at the differences.

It is simple: chiropractors and general physicians have different specialties. Chiropractors are experts in dealing with musculoskeletal problems and neuromuscular disorders. General physicians specialize in internal medicine. You would not go to the chiropractor for high cholesterol. Similarly, it makes little sense to visit your general physician’s office for sciatic nerve pain.

Chiropractors Get to the Root Cause

Unlike general practitioners, chiropractors are specifically trained to deal with neuromuscular conditions, including sciatica. They have the knowledge and expertise to manage sciatic nerve pain. Additionally, they are better equipped to provide lasting care.

Muscle relaxers don’t tackle the underlying causes of sciatica. Sure, they provide temporary relief. However, it is the combination of the following that makes the biggest impact on sciatic nerve pain:

  • Manual manipulation
  • Decompression machines
  • Decompression tables
  • The Cox Table
  • Electric stimulation units

The knowledge and therapies you need to heal are only available through chiropractic care. Before all else, be sure to see your chiropractor for help for sciatica.

Putting Your Health First

Your health is our top priority. If chiropractic care doesn’t give you the results you desire, co-management with your general physician may be needed. Severe sciatic nerve pain might only resolve through chiropractic care and prescribed medication. That’s why we are happy to work with your medical doctor for the best results.

An All-Natural Solution

Why resort to drugs or surgery when chiropractic care is available?

When it comes to sciatica, a trip to the chiropractor should be your first line of defense. Say no to side effects and invasive procedures and hello to a safe, natural solution to sciatic nerve pain. Visit our practice today!

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