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Discover the Benefits of Softwave Tissue Regeneration

softwave on knee

If you’re looking for a drug-free alternative to shots or surgery to address pain and injury, Softwave therapy is a futuristic solution.

This therapy triggers a stem cell healing response in previously injured tissues and areas recently injured as well as those suffering from chronic pain.

Softwave therapy is not just about managing symptoms; it’s about sparking the body’s innate healing capabilities, encouraging the regeneration of damaged nerves, and providing relief for various conditions.

How It Works: Triggering the Body’s Healing

The Softwave technique uses patented technology, promoting a process called neural elongation. Softwave Therapy triggers the body to create new blood vessels, has an immediate pain reduction effect, and signals cellular healing to begin. The technology is particularly effective for patients who have experienced nerve damage, as it encourages the body to regenerate the damaged areas. It is frequently used to treat conditions like peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, and other ‘shooting’ types of nerve pain.

Conditions Softwave Therapy May Help:

Softwave therapy is highly versatile and can address a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Previous knee surgeries (meniscus, ACL or MCL)
  • Avoiding/Delaying joint replacement (knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle)
  • Shin splints, particularly for runners
  • Ankle pain
  • Pain related to surgically fused spinal bones
  • Unhealed fractures or non-union fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder rotator cuff injuries
  • Elbow ailments, such as golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and radiculopathy
  • Peripheral neuropathy in the hands or feet
  • Hip pain and sciatica

What to Expect

The process involves a handheld applicator applied to the skin over the area of injury. It directs an intense sound wave into the tissues. Initially, we will perform a process called mapping where we scan the area to identify the exact location(s) of concern. When we find areas that are painful, that typically indicates an area of inflammation, tissue damage, scarred or dysfunctional tissues, or lack of blood flow exists. Both mapping and the following treatment visits are non-tissue destructive which means we are able to treat you without damaging any tissue! This is the key difference between many other invasive shots and surgical options. It is not uncommon to see pain reduction of 20 to 50% following your first visit!

Frequency of Visits

A typical visit is around 10 minutes long and is usually done once or twice per week. The goal is to stimulate a healing response over eight to 12 weeks, allowing the body to send stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue. The length of your treatment plan will vary according to each individual condition and how long the tissues treated have been a problem.

Patient Success Stories

Softwave Therapy is a well-researched option for patients that has a success rate of 65-91%, depending on the condition(s) treated. A recent success is for one of our patients who has been dealing with severe shoulder pain for several years. MRIs showed tears in their rotator cuff, but being a very active person, they wanted to avoid surgery. Initial pain was 8 to 9/10 intensity with a severe loss of range of motion, which ultimately reduced their ability to work out as intended.

Over the course of an eight session care pain pain was relieved 95%, full range of motion was restored, and the patient reported an increase of 50 pounds of weight added to a single lift!

Another recent success is for a patient who sought out Softwave Therapy following surgical repair of a fully ruptured achilles tendon. Even after four months of traditional physical therapy he reported severe discomfort and weakness with walking or standing for any period of time. Following his care plan, he reported such great pain relief that he would commonly take a jog up and down our halls due to such great relief and return of function!

Take the First Step Toward Healing

You don’t have to endure pain. Give our practice a call today at 813-885-6001 to book an appointment.


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